Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are you based?
Our office is in Jakarta, Indonesia; Our workshop is in Central of Java, Indonesia

2. Do you have any offline store?
We do not have official offline store yet but you can visit our gallery / office in Apartment Springhill Terrace
Residence, Kemayoran. Please contact us via Whatsapp before visiting us, so we can arrange the date and time.

3. Are you products ready stock?
Yes, they are ready stock, except stated otherwise in the description.

4. The items are sold out, will it be restocked?
Some items may be restocked, some not. It will be stated on the product page.
But since everything is handmade, it takes around 3-4 weeks to make, so if you like it, take it 😉

5. The items are sold out, can I pre-order them?
We don’t do pre-orders unless stated on the product page itself.

6. Are your products all handmade?
Yes, we are 100% handmade, we use batik process (stamp and hand writting) and 100% natural dye process.
We support Indonesian craftsmen in Central of Java.

7. Why do you use natural dye?
Because natural dye is eco-friendly, it is save for our skin and the waste is not harmful to our environment.

8. Will the natural dye color fade away?
Yes, eventually the color will fade away because natural dye is not as strong as chemical dye. But we always make
sure that we give you the best quality of natural dye products. Read our Care Instructions to help you preserve the
natural dye longer

9. The item I received does not fit me well (It is too big or too small). Can I exchange the size?
Yes, you can exchange it to other size. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for more details

10. How do I know my size?
Check our Size Charts page to know your size. Still have questions? Contact us via email or
Whatsapp +6281288154530, we will be happy to help you.

11. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship overseas. However, you MUST order via our customer service (Email or Whatsapp) as our website
does not support overseas orders or shipments yet.

12. What shipping company do you use?
For Indonesian Deliveries, we use TIKI.
For International Deliveries, we use either DHL/Pos Indonesia/trustworthy local freight-forwarding companies
(depends on your request)

13. I need the items fast, can I use Go-send or Grab-Express?
Yes, you may. However, you MUST order via our Whatsapp as website does not support gojek/grab shipments.
All couriers are ordered after payment confirmation and pick ups are to be done during office hours.